The Ae Double You See

Founding Warlord:
Elite Freelancer
Advanced Freelancer
Blanc Soleil
Air Mardshal

*DISCLAIMER* Your rank within the Warframe clan roster is in no way reflected upon your earned rank within the AWC

XP Allocations 

Members within the AWC are eligible to earn XP for their in-clan rank by completing certain tasks and objectives within Warframe. Below are a list of XP Rewards and guidelines for ALL MEMBERS within the AWC to adhere to.


  • All members must follow all Mandatory Requirements for the AWC as per the R&R
  • All members must be within the Warframe Clan, the "Ae Double You See"
  • All proof must be submitted to High Council, or to the Founding Warlord before XP is granted to ANY member.

    Below is a list of symbols that will be placed before XP rewards to indicate if a restriction is applied and what restriction. All members must adhere to all restrictions placed on XP Rewards to avoid abuse of the system.

  • O : Task can be completed Solo
  • O : Task must be completed within a fireteam consisting of at least 1 other clan member
  • O : Task can only be completed once a day
  • O : Task can only be completed twice a day
  • O : Task can only be completed 5 times a day
  • O : Task can only be completed once a week


  • O Completing a Junction: 1,000 XP (amount increases by 1,000 XP for each Junction completed)
  • OO Ranking up by 1 Mastery Rank: 1,000 XP (amount increases by 1,000 XP for each rank)
  • OO Weapon/Frame XP Farm (Hydroid): 4,000 XP per 5 waves
  • OO Index Credit Farm: 5,000 XP per wave
  • OO Completing all 3 tasks within a Daily Sortie: 10,000 XP

  • OO Killing Teralyst Eidolon: 10,000 XP
  • OO Capturing Teralyst Eidolon: 15,000 XP 
  • OO Killing Gauntulyst Eidolon: 15,000 XP
  • OO Capturing Gauntulyst Eidolon: 20,000 XP
  • OO Tridolon: Minimum 20,000 XP | Maximum 35,000 XP (5,000 XP per Eidolon Capture)

  • OO Killing the Exploiter Orb: 17,000 XP
  • OO Killing the Profit Taker: 30,000 XP

    Variable XP Rewards:

    Below is a list of XP rewards that will vary depending on what was completed. Each reward will be solely at the discretion of the Founding Warlord until a table to drawn up in the later future. These must be reported to both the Council and the Founding Warlord with proof for XP reward to be granted. 

    *DISCLAIMER* Not all tasks may be rewarded

  • O Completing a Quest from the Codex
  • O Forging items from the Foundry
  • O Funding constructions at the Clan Dojo

All members are to remember that this is still a work in progress and that with the help of members, we can further improve the AWC compatibility on Warframe

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